Old Edwards Inn (is the best place on earth)

We went on a little 3 day vacation to Old Edwards Inn and Spa last week for a nice, easy start to 2012 and it waswait for it

amazing. The best vacation I've had since my honeymoon 4 years ago. Typical Day: Room service breakfast - Mountain Hike - Lunch and Shopping - Workout - Steam room - Jacuzzi - Shower with 13 heads - Wine - Dinner - Fire and reading. No kids, no dishes, no computers... I fully recommend it. This place had a dedicated Dove Ice Cream bar station. Complimentary ice cream bars 24/7..... Anyways, I was too busy relaxing to take any photos. I genuinely feel terrible about it. Here's one quick one Sarah took with her iPhone of me doing my morning yoga on top of a mountain. And yes, that's a joke. I hate yoga. Best wishes to everyone who read this (and everyone else I guess) for 2012!


Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog this year, hired me to shoot your wedding, said something nice about my little business to a friend, or helped me in any way. I have had an amazing year and am very grateful for every blessing in my life.Thanks also to my good friend Sean (who just survived an appendectomy this week) and who photographed my wife and me and our gorgeous kiddos. I am not posting all the photos yet or a link to the photographer's website because he's asked me to wait until the web gurus are finished with it. (He's updating it so keep your pants on. I'll post his site soon...)

Andre and Mary (not the preview)

Here are some more photographs from Mary and Andre's amazing wedding at the Ford PlantationYes, I know that I already posted a 'preview' from this wedding that was the size of a full post but I already had these images ready and I can't just neglect to post them for fear of being a little repetitive. The images are amazing and I need to share them. I do still have another 600+ images to post from other 2011 weddings but I'm going to let them out little by little so no one gets too bored. PS: I need to submit this somewhere. Magazine or blog? Which magazine or blog? Advice appreciated? Yes.


I want to know what other people do with their free time. Is it really great having a schedule and a 9-5 type of job with vacation time? I think that would be incredible. You go to work, you work, you come home and watch football. Or whatever you do. Set vacation time where you aren't worried about 10 million emails piling up and you're not thinking to yourself that maybe you shouldn't have turned work down just so you can sit around.I am very grateful for my ability to create my own schedule but it comes at a cost. Working for yourself means that you're never free. Sarah asked me why I always take on a new project the moment I get caught up and the only answer I could come up with is that I have to. I will never be satisfied that I've done my job as well as I can or that I've done everything I need to do to insure that I keep people coming back next year and the year after. I'm not crying about it, I just wish someone would put a gun to my head and make me stop sometimes. That's probably what it would take. Saturday was my first day off in months and it was a real treat. Sarah bought some sailing lessons through Groupon with Charleston Sailing School so we got out on the water for a bit. I have a new dream. Win the lottery, buy a huge catamaran and spend a few years exploring the caribbean. Or maybe I should just raise my rates. By about 500%. I'll give it some thought. More short term, it might be pretty cool to rent one and explore the British Virgin Islands for a week or so. If any one wants to split one (and you're not a huge pain to travel with) let me know. They're about 6-8g's per week and hold 6-8 people. I've got the itch for some clear water and a place without internet. Occupy Caribbean. photo taken with iPhone.


Amazing wedding. And even more amazing that I'm blogging again. I went through and pulled images from 20 weddings and a dozen shoots that I'll be blogging soon. The goal is two or three posts a week for the next few months.Probably empty promises but we'll see. Bela and Sanjeev booked at the last minute but I am SO glad they did. What an amazing wedding. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot very many indian weddings so far and I was amazed at the rich tradition and the rich colors of their wedding. Sanjeev entered the ceremony on horse back with all his friends and family dancing around him. That's not something you see at most weddings in Charleston. The music was deafening, the dancing didn't let up for one minute of the 6 hour reception, the guest list was huge, the food was incredible... This wedding was an amazing celebration and a joy to photograph. Thank you, Sanjeev and Bela. -T

Will + Anna | Swannana, North Carolina

Two of my favorite people and one of my favorite weddings of the year. Shot it in April. Delivered it in May. Blogged it in...... September. Wah wah wah. Sp?This was an event that really made me love my job all the more. Thanks Will and Anna. T PS: I want all you good people of the internet to know that I am not blogging because I am insanely busy keeping up with the added work flow Charleston has brought me. And the two kids. And house renovations. And, of course, the wife. I have had the best year yet in terms of the home-run weddings I've shot and I will be blogging ALL of them. At some point between now and 2050....

William Aiken House | Charleston, SC

The insanely awesome wedding photography of timwill ... uh... wedding photography continues with Amanda and Thomas.Just another head-to-toe / top-to-bottom perfect wedding. no big deal ;)

Thanks so much Amanda and Thomas for having me out and thanks also to Sara Cavallon with Something To Celebrate for being one of the coolest and calmest coordinators I've ever worked with and helping the wedding to run so perfectly! I'll try to post some more personal photos here soon.... Best, Tim

PS: Check out the full wedding here.

BETHANY & ERIC Legare Waring House: Charleston, SC

Here's a preview from Saturday's gorgeous wedding at the Legare Waring House here in Charleston.Actually, 25 images is more like a post but I'm labeling it 'preview' because I just shot this on Saturday and I haven't had a chance to look through all of the images yet. I'm pretty sure there will be more I'll need to post :) Amazing wedding Bethany and Eric. Thanks for having me out. And thanks especially to Melissa Barton and the Charleston Bride crew for making my job so easy :) In other news, I'm going on a big trip this weekend to mourn the passing of my 20's so I'll be ignoring most of my emails. I'll be back Sunday but hopefully my wife will be able to respond to you all in the meantime. Thanks for checking in. T


I don't normally post so many images because it gets too easy to just scroll through without letting any individual shots really sink in but I have to give you guys a few extra from this wedding.Alex and Emily came in from England to get married in St. Simon's, GA a few weeks ago and I was very honored to be the photographer for this amazing wedding. My good friend Brandon Lata flew down from New York to help shoot and as usual, he did an amazing job. Caroline Carter Events did the wedding planning and she always delivers. Definitely one of the best coordinators out there. Thanks Alex and Emily and everyone else who made this such a wonderful wedding.


I shot this wedding for an old college friend (Melea) back in January and I thought I should go ahead and post it. The location is Star Ranch: Corona, California. One of the most beautiful spots you can find. Thanks Melea and Matt.Also, a huge thanks so my buddy Sean Lata He flew out and shot some amazing frames with me. The one of the flower girl is his. He's in New York but he flies anywhere.