The Polito Family

Dominic and Christine are old friends of mine from college. I actually met my wife at their wedding so I figured the least I could do was give them a free portrait session :)Also, they're a ton of fun and their FOUR kids are super cute! The shoot was in southern California a couple weeks ago when I was out west for an amazing wedding I'll be posting someday soon. I love Charleston but the big Cali makes me weep. All you photogs on the west coast have it easy :)

A few images from 2010…

2010 was our busiest year yet! Thanks to every one of my clients! Thanks to every florist, coordinator, musician and every other vendor that made the weddings I've attended so great this year.Thanks be to God we didn't have any problems this year and we had nice weather for at least half of the weddings ;) Thanks to my amazing wife who brought Benjamin into the world this year. And thanks to all of you who have checked in here in-spite of the fact that I NEVER post :( and thanks to anyone who has referred me! Lastly, thanks to me because I am awesome! Ha. That's a joke although Sarah probably isn't laughing.

This year was definitely our busiest yet and not just because we had more weddings and engagement shoots than ever before but also because we re-located to Charleston, rented and renovated a studio, bought a house, and had another baby. Any one of those things alone might have taken a lesser man to the brink of insanity. But, everything has gone well and I'm not insane. No. I'm not.

Speaking of insane, 2011 is going to be. I already have more weddings booked than I shot last year and they're still coming in. I have a little more availability especially in July, August, and November so please spread the word to anyone you know who is tying the not. We love word of mouth!

Regarding blogging, I have been working on a new blog over the past few weeks with my good friend Dave and his amazingly talented designer (their link is at the bottom of the blog: Do Good Works) It's way better. I've got a great contact form right here on the blog, more info about timwill photography including some pricing information and frequently asked questions and I've got a section that will be growing about local vendors who I've worked with and who I'd recommend in the future. Please do check them out! The greatest feature of the new blog, however, is postability. What, you might ask, is postability? Well, before when I wanted to make a post I had to jump through 15 different hoops to get images online. This new blog is as easy to use as the facebook uploader so hopefully I'll be able to post much more frequently. Aside from my 100 other new years resolutions, I'm going to be trying really hard to do 2 posts a week. The more comments I get and people I have clicking the 'Like' button for facebook (there's one after each post), the more fuel I'll have for posting. I've got a lot of work to do, a lot of images to post, and a lot of news to write about so hopefully I'll be back on with another post in a couple days! Thank you all so much for reading! Best Wishes, Tim Willoughby PS: The images below are in now way a 'Best of 2010' or anything. Just some images from recent weddings that I wanted to get up on the blog. Every wedding has a hundred great images to post but I'm so behind at this point that I'm not sure I'll get them all out there. So, here are a few for now.

Charleston Wedding Photographer – Nicole & Josh – Charleston, SC

Nicole and Josh were married earlier this year in a friends house downtown.Another way to say that is; Nicole and Josh had one of the sweetest weddings in the courtyard of one of the biggest prettiest homes in Historic Downtown Charleston. Their wedding reception (at Fulton Five restaurant where Josh is the chef) was so gorgeous and every last detail was designed by Nicole herself. It was a true pleasure being a part of such a warm, intimate event and wedding photography in Charleston is always a ton-of-fun. Best Wishes to you both!