Old Edwards Inn (is the best place on earth)

We went on a little 3 day vacation to Old Edwards Inn and Spa last week for a nice, easy start to 2012 and it waswait for it

amazing. The best vacation I've had since my honeymoon 4 years ago. Typical Day: Room service breakfast - Mountain Hike - Lunch and Shopping - Workout - Steam room - Jacuzzi - Shower with 13 heads - Wine - Dinner - Fire and reading. No kids, no dishes, no computers... I fully recommend it. This place had a dedicated Dove Ice Cream bar station. Complimentary ice cream bars 24/7..... Anyways, I was too busy relaxing to take any photos. I genuinely feel terrible about it. Here's one quick one Sarah took with her iPhone of me doing my morning yoga on top of a mountain. And yes, that's a joke. I hate yoga. Best wishes to everyone who read this (and everyone else I guess) for 2012!