Amazing wedding. And even more amazing that I'm blogging again. I went through and pulled images from 20 weddings and a dozen shoots that I'll be blogging soon. The goal is two or three posts a week for the next few months.Probably empty promises but we'll see. Bela and Sanjeev booked at the last minute but I am SO glad they did. What an amazing wedding. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot very many indian weddings so far and I was amazed at the rich tradition and the rich colors of their wedding. Sanjeev entered the ceremony on horse back with all his friends and family dancing around him. That's not something you see at most weddings in Charleston. The music was deafening, the dancing didn't let up for one minute of the 6 hour reception, the guest list was huge, the food was incredible... This wedding was an amazing celebration and a joy to photograph. Thank you, Sanjeev and Bela. -T