Old Edwards Inn (is the best place on earth)

timwill_photography_highlandsWe went on a little 3 day vacation to Old Edwards Inn and Spa last week for a nice, easy start to 2012 and it was wait for it


The best vacation I've had since my honeymoon 4 years ago. Typical Day:

Room service breakfast - Mountain Hike - Lunch and Shopping - Workout - Steam room - Jacuzzi - Shower with 13 heads - Wine - Dinner - Fire and reading.

No kids, no dishes, no computers...

I fully recommend it.

This place had a dedicated Dove Ice Cream bar station. Complimentary ice cream bars 24/7.....

Anyways, I was too busy relaxing to take any photos. I genuinely feel terrible about it. Here's one quick one Sarah took with her iPhone of me doing my morning yoga on top of a mountain. And yes, that's a joke. I hate yoga.

Best wishes to everyone who read this (and everyone else I guess) for 2012!


b1Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog this year, hired me to shoot your wedding, said something nice about my little business to a friend, or helped me in any way. I have had an amazing year and am very grateful for every blessing in my life. Thanks also to my good friend Sean (who just survived an appendectomy this week) and who photographed my wife and me and our gorgeous kiddos. I am not posting all the photos yet or a link to the photographer's website because he's asked me to wait until the web gurus are finished with it. (He's updating it so keep your pants on. I'll post his site soon...)



I want to know what other people do with their free time. Is it really great having a schedule and a 9-5 type of job with vacation time? I think that would be incredible. You go to work, you work, you come home and watch football. Or whatever you do. Set vacation time where you aren't worried about 10 million emails piling up and you're not thinking to yourself that maybe you shouldn't have turned work down just so you can sit around. I am very grateful for my ability to create my own schedule but it comes at a cost. Working for yourself means that you're never free. Sarah asked me why I always take on a new project the moment I get caught up and the only answer I could come up with is that I have to. I will never be satisfied that I've done my job as well as I can or that I've done everything I need to do to insure that I keep people coming back next year and the year after.

I'm not crying about it, I just wish someone would put a gun to my head and make me stop sometimes. That's probably what it would take.

Saturday was my first day off in months and it was a real treat. Sarah bought some sailing lessons through Groupon with Charleston Sailing School so we got out on the water for a bit. I have a new dream. Win the lottery, buy a huge catamaran and spend a few years exploring the caribbean. Or maybe I should just raise my rates. By about 500%. I'll give it some thought. More short term, it might be pretty cool to rent one and explore the British Virgin Islands for a week or so. If any one wants to split one (and you're not a huge pain to travel with) let me know. They're about 6-8g's per week and hold 6-8 people. I've got the itch for some clear water and a place without internet. Occupy Caribbean.

photo taken with iPhone.


Willoughbys (Willoughbies?)

famblogFor those of you who don't know this, my name is actually Tim Willoughby. Not TIMWILL. I shortened the name for you kind folks at home that can't spell my obscure surname. You're welcome. I wanted to post a few personal photos since I almost never do and since I know that both of my blog viewers out there would love to see what we look like these days. A few of these are a few months old. A few are much more recent.

Yes, I'm currently sporting a fancy new beard. Sort of reminiscent of a young Jon Goldsmith/Dos Equis I think. CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, it's a pretty awful red hue so I've decided on black and white photos. I'm sure it'll be all white soon enough though since old age (30) is knocking on my door.

Two notes on the photos.

1. As bad as I am at blogging, I'm much worse at taking personal photos. The gear is always in the car or I've been shooting all day, or my wife is just looking so terrible I can't stand to point the camera at her (that's a joke) ;) , or yadda yadda. I'm not going to make any weak resolutions about trying to be better at it. But I promise the world I'll be better at it. Most of these were taken by Sarah with her trusty iphone. One was taken by my buddy Sean Lata. He's awesome. Check him out. Anyways, these are just snap shots. If you hire me for your family photos I promise I can deliver better than these ;)

2. I'm not a scary person. I normally smile all the time but I haven't been hitting the teeth whiting toothpaste as hard as I should so I'm reluctant to flash my chompers at the camera.

One last thing I want to say, and I know you don't believe me, but I have so much stuff to blog that will be going online soon. I just don't want to put it all up at once because I'm afraid of crashing the intraweb with all the traffic that will inevitably ensue.

Charleston has been good to me and I've had amazing wedding after amazing wedding after amazing...etc.

Check back in.


Sarah and Dominic

ac10f16a_1a_zoom_largeI'm still alive and well. Sorry I went MIA again from the blog! Things have been super hectic. On top of how busy I've been, and this is great, I have been struck down with the flu this week. Yes. Thanks universe. I didn't bother getting a flu shot this year because my superior immune system is above it. Also, Dwight says you shouldn't coddle your immune system and his advice is pretty sound usually.

I can't complain too much, especially after watching 127 Hours where the guy uses a pocket knife to cut his own arm off to survive. Not a bad movie if you don't need dialogue to be entertained. The whole time though I kept thinking of James Franco's acting lessons

PS: This shot of Sarah and Dom was taken on the iphone