Ben & Courtney

I never post.  I'm just not a blogger. But that doesn't mean I haven't been shooting :) I'm still alive and well and busy as hell.  This has been our best and busiest year so far and I am so grateful to all my clients so far from 2014!

I promise I'll try to post your beautiful weddings!  In the meantime, I had a moment of conviction that lined up perfectly with a few minutes of free time so I thought I'd share a recent farm wedding from here in Charleston.  Ben and Courtney were the groom and bride and their wedding coordinator was Jerri Heater with Ooh Events.


Oh Henry!

001Meet Henry Edward Willoughby!

He's our newest little man.  Even though I've only known him two weeks, I can tell you with near certainty, I like him.  I see great things in young Henry's future...

Great things.