b1Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog this year, hired me to shoot your wedding, said something nice about my little business to a friend, or helped me in any way. I have had an amazing year and am very grateful for every blessing in my life. Thanks also to my good friend Sean (who just survived an appendectomy this week) and who photographed my wife and me and our gorgeous kiddos. I am not posting all the photos yet or a link to the photographer's website because he's asked me to wait until the web gurus are finished with it. (He's updating it so keep your pants on. I'll post his site soon...)


Benjamin Michael Willoughby

DSC_0169aWe're probably just going to call him Ben. Or maybe not. Sarah corrects me every time I say Ben so maybe that won't happen.

Sarah, my wonderful wife, really amazed me this time with Willoughby 2.0

I didn't think I could love number dos as much as Dom but I really do. He's completely perfect. Ears, nose, eyes, short brown hair. And a huge cleft in his chin.

And as soon as they make a raw plugin for the brand new Nikon D3100 I will put up a ton of photos! In the meantime, you guys are stuck waiting. I've got one tiny black and white for you guys for now and the other photos are of Sarah a few hours before we went to the hospital and Dominic watching and stealing the spotlight.