BETHANY & ERIC Legare Waring House: Charleston, SC

TF2_0434Here's a preview from Saturday's gorgeous wedding at the Legare Waring House here in Charleston. Actually, 25 images is more like a post but I'm labeling it 'preview' because I just shot this on Saturday and I haven't had a chance to look through all of the images yet. I'm pretty sure there will be more I'll need to post :)

Amazing wedding Bethany and Eric.

Thanks for having me out.

And thanks especially to Melissa Barton and the Charleston Bride crew for making my job so easy :)

In other news, I'm going on a big trip this weekend to mourn the passing of my 20's so I'll be ignoring most of my emails.

I'll be back Sunday but hopefully my wife will be able to respond to you all in the meantime.

Thanks for checking in.