Yesterday Morning

001_aThese two kids are such an amazing joy in my life. It's true what they say. They really do grow up so fast. Dominic is the sweetest kid I've ever met. I just don't know how he went from baby to kid so fast. He's got some sign language down but his words are still limited to daa and baa. He understands everything though. And his personality is so apparent. He's just like us but he's definitely his own little man.

Benjamin is super cute and putting on about a pound a day. Not literally. But it does seem like that.

Holy crap. I have two kids. Not sure how that happened.

Oh wait. I remember.

Sadly, I don't have any pics of Sarah from this morning to post. She was catching up on some much needed zzz's.

Thanks for reading this...


PS: There are about 6 photos of Dom trying to read to me or Benjamin and a few of him playing dad. Wearing slippers, working at the computer, etc. I'd put these comments as captions but I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to do that...