New Studio

photo-15Wow. That email blast (I promise to do that as rarely as possible) was really helpful in getting the word out. We had 500 new visits to the blog yesterday alone! Thanks so much to you guys who commented. It wasn't just my mom making up different names and comments, I promise. Also, thanks to everyone who clicked the like button for facebook. That's super helpful.

We're still ironing out a few problems with the blog at the moment. One thing we've had requests for is an RSS feed. Probably a good idea.

Another thing a few people pointed out to me is that the images aren't showing up quite clear enough on the blog. So, we're working on that. For some reason, going from hard drive to internet always screws things up but hopefully we'll get it squared away soon.

Anyways, since this blog is so easy to use, I'm going to post a quick couple images of the new studio I'm renovating.

It's 2 doors down, and 3 times the size of the old space. Sure, it doesn't have any electricity, heating, plumbing, windows or air but we'll get to that.

I spent yesterday pulling down dry wall to expose some of the old-as-dirt brick and I also pulled down the really ugly boards that were attached to the rafters. There was literally 3-4 inches of dust in places so today I'm tackling the impossible job of cleaning. I rented a shop vac but it's a POS.

Those of you who went to Catholic grade school know what that acronym is.

So, at this point, I'm just trying to get it clean and useable while figuring out how to set it up and decorate.

I would love any input out there about a great way to utilize this space. It has a ton of potential!

Don't be shy. I need help here...

PS: I'm very sorry to put these ugly dirty photos on top of all those beautiful ones from yesterday but it had to be done. Most of them were taken on my handy dandy iPhone so don't judge me on clarity this time people. (You know who you are)