My big fat baby. Oh ...and Charleston!

Hello hello hello. Big day today in timwill blogland. Not only did I make another post. But I have one from each of the basic food groups. Family session, portrait session, wedding, and personal. I hate to make excuses for my lack of blogging but I'm going to. Here it is: Fatherhood + Move to Charleston + Incredible new studio = BUSY.Yes, timwill photography has relocated to Charleston SC. For any of you in Augusta, don't worry; I'm back all the time and there is no change in service or travel fees. This move doesn't affect any of my current clients at all. But I have a feeling this will affect my future business. This town is awesome! And the new studio is so awesome. HA. But it seriously is. As soon as I get a sign up and a few prints I'll take some shots and do a gigantic post. Before and after pics, detail shots, the whole shebang. That's for another time though. I think I've blogged enough to last me for a few days.Thanks for checking in, everyone.PS: the beautiful woman in the photos below is my wife. Yes, I am a lucky s.o.b.