here's one gigantic post to make up for missing the past couple months

hey guys, if you're still out there then I think you deserve a really great post. i haven't avoided blogging because of laziness and i have been busy but that's not the reason either. i was testing your loyalty. i'm happy to say that you've passed. you are now in the circle of trust and i will reward you with 81 of my faves from the last couple months. I still have about 5 photoshoots and as many weddings in the works so I'll get those up here sometime in the next decade. maybe sooner... hope everyone in blog land is doing great. keep spreading the word about timwill photography. if there's anyone out there that can hook me up with a Europe wedding I'll give you something really cool. a high five. ..and maybe some free photography. i can keep sweetening the deal, just let me know what it'll take.

PS; in other news, baby Willoughby is due in 8 weeks. IT's a BOY. If you have any name suggestions send them my way. I've got a few ideas which i might post later but in the meantime, leave me a comment with your best name. we need first and middle : _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ Willoughby

Also, tell me how awesome these photos are. Or tell me how much they suck. Just tell me something people...