mr. and mrs. ohl

this is WAY too many photos to put in one post but i post so rarely these days i feel like i need to make it a really good one. the Ohl's wedding was from a few weeks ago. i got to shoot with a good buddy of mine, Brandon Lata (whose website is coming soon) up in Buffalo, New York. The wedding was great but the reception was really really amazing. I'm not just being nice, it was incredible. It was in a retired church with huge ceilings and stain glass windows, there was crowd surfing, stage dancing, limbo contests, great food, plenty of drinks....

by the time i left the reception i really felt like i was part of the party.

so, hopefully you can make it to the end of these photos. i think this is more than i've ever put in one post but i just couldn't filter it down any lower!