Morgan and Ben (teaser)

I just started working on Morgan and Ben's December wedding but I only have one photo for you guys at the moment.I will say that the rest are even better though. Good light, good locations, and a really cool couple make my job super easy. I'll get the rest up sometime soon. In the mean time, I'll give you guys an update on the TIMWILL Charleston weddings and portrait studio. Brandon Lata ( came down last weekend from Buffalo to help with renovations (because he's an incredibly generous friend) and we worked our asses off around the clock trying to finish everything up. Unfortunately, the dust in this place made our job impossible. I spent the night before Brando got in knocking down those boards from the rafters and by the time I left you could barely see across the studio because of the dust. I spent the entire next day cleaning while Brando started on electric work and then we discovered two other ledges above the rafters with about 4 inches of dust accumulated. Two ledges, 50 feet long with 4x4 inches of dust. Rented a shop vac which didn't work and blew dust everywhere and then tried to hold it up on the ladder while vacuuming. Didn't work. Had to knock all the dust down and then re-shop vac the entire place the next day. SO, we spent 2.5 days cleaning dust with a piece of shit shop vac that clogged every 5 minutes and blew so much dust everywhere that we still have a huge mess on our hands. Brando flew back to Buffalo and I'm sick as a dog from inhaling all of that 150 year old dust. This job sucks. Oh, and I pulled nails out of the beams from the rafters for 4 hours straight to make the re-claimed wood wall. So, yeah, this project may never be completed. I still need to install windows, paint, lighting, do floor molding and crown molding, paint that, and then comes the huge task of decorating. Wow. I'm overwhelmed. I'm sure it'll get done eventually though. And someday, this space is going to be incredible. If there's anyone out there that feels like swinging by and working for free in a very dirty environment along side a wheezing T Dubs, shoot me an email ;)

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