Dominic Willoughby

(Click play and then pause the video first then start reading. That way it can load up...)
Sarah and I had our first child on Monday night (Aug 10th)! Sarah is incredible. She wanted to have the birth naturally so she didn't get an epidural. She started having intense contractions around 8:30 am and labored 14 hours using the Bradley method of relaxation . At 10:30pm the obgyn insisted that the labor wasn't progressing at all and that a c-section would be necessary. Apparently Sarah has what the doctor called "little boy hips".  It gets kind of technical... Obviously a c-section is not what Sarah wanted but it worked out for the best. The delivery at that point was quick and everything went very smoothly. At 11:27 pm a beautiful, healthy boy was born! His name is Dominic and he's 7 lbs 11 oz and 22.5 inches long. Some how I was able to snap a couple pics of everything that happened and I put it into a little slideshow. Don't worry, there isn't anything too graphic. It's just a little 5 minute video so hopefully it's done loading by now. If it isn't FULLY loaded, just keep waiting. It's kind of annoying if it starts and then stops 20 times. Thanks for checking in, everyone, and for keeping us in your thoughts. Feel free to leave us a comment below.