ok. i haven't posted in a long time. and before that, it was kind of a long time, and actually, it was a long time before that one too. i guess the bottom line is i haven't been posting very regularly. it's summer time and i'm really busy and blah blah blah. i have to be honest, people. it is a little hard to make yourself write a journal and put forth all this effort and only get a couple measly comments. now, for those two or three of you that did comment, i'm not calling you measly. i'm talking to the random viewer in brazil who never says anything (yeah, i know you're out there. i can see you in my stats). a lot of people come to this blog right? i know there are loyal viewers and if you're reading this, then you must be one of them because if you weren't, you'd have been de-terd by the fact that i never post and you wouldn't be here at this very moment reading each and every word i type. so, why don't you do me a favor, take a moment, and let me know why it is you never comment. i want to know....;)