personalized wedding sites for EVERYONE.
sarah and i are getting pretty close to the end of planning our wedding and one of the major things on my list was creating a website for all of our guests providing them with ALL of the info: gift registries, time lines, contact info, directions, hotels....EVERYTHING.
after i finished it i realized that there are a lot of people out there who'd LOVE something like this but who don't have the time to sit around and lose sleep over learning these really complicated website programs! so we're going to be offering _ _ _ _ _ (insert a cool title) i haven't thought of a cool title yet but there's one out there. if you have an idea put it in the comment box because i could use some help.
SO: we'll be offering personalized super-sweet websites to our clients starting at $490. it's possible they'll find their way into our higher end wedding packages in the near future as well.
these sites will be an incredible way to let your guests know all of the information about your wedding. also, most stores where brides register host an online mall of all of the couple's selections. with your personalized websites your guests won't even need to log in to shop for gifts! they can order on line and ship directly to your home!
check out the screen captures below or go directly to the site