new blog!!

yes i'm long winded tonight but i just have so much to write about. you may have noticed that the blog looks a little/lot different. it's not very noticeable to normal people but to all the nerds out there this new interface is INSANELY better than the last blog. if you never saw it, too bad. i deleted it.
this new blog has links to old posts, a great archiving system, new headers each time you load the blog, an info page, and one of the coolest features is a super easy way to add comments. you never have to leave the blog to comment.
so, since this blog is so incredible, i need to do some advertising for the guy who created it. rob from is a GENIUS. this guy produced a blog in a few days that was exactly what i designed/requested. his rates are VERY reasonable and he's super easy to work with so if you need a new blog, drop him a line at this guy can do anything!
here's the new blog. have a look around.