chicago. the city of windy-ness. in all seriousness, this is one of the nicest cities i've ever visited. very clean, very cosmopolitan. sarah gave me the walking tour on tuesday. we rode a ferris wheel. pretty romantic, huh. we saw navy pier, a few weird fountains, big buildings, and a giant reflecting orb. i was thinking, aside from the cold winters, this might be a really great place to live.

the mac store on michigan ave. (one of the biggest shopping areas in the country, nay, the universe. sarah thought i was a dork for taking a picture of it, but i'm sure you mac nerds out there can appreciate it.

this was a pretty creative shot where, by using a very small aperture (deep depth of field), we projected the appearance that sarah was actually holding the city! very innovative and, i think, very very exciting. (hopefully you're picking up on the sarcasm because i'm laying it on pretty thick).