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We recommend an average of 3.5 photos per spread. So if you want a 20 spread album (included standard), submit about 70 images. Go to your gallery and 'favorite' the photos you want included before submitting your album order form.
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If you purchased a package with us that included an album, the standard sizes are 10x10 or 8x10.
40 pages (20 spreads) are included in every album. Additional spreads (up to 40 total spreads) may be added at $50 per spread
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Reference the above swatches.
Photo Paper *
Lustre has a lightly pebbled finish with a soft sheen. Semi-matte is a smooth near-matte paper that can help protect against fingerprints
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Custom Debossing
Do you have a font you would rather use than our standard fonts or would you like the freedom to be creative with your debossing design? With custom debossing you can incorporate your own font, design embellishments, etc. to be imprinted on your album. The die is exactly 4x2 inches. Or upgrade to a larger, 7 inches wide by 3 inches high. You must submit your artwork as a black & white JPG. The black will deboss. If you are incorporating a design or embellishments, make sure they don't have too many tiny details or they won't deboss well. Also, don't use a font that is very thin. Email your artwork separately to tim@timwill.c
Parent Albums
Parent albums are 7 inch duplicates.
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If additional payment is required, we will send you a bill before shipment. Standard production time is 3-4 weeks.